Invercargill Creatives Showcase – Bryan Townley

Where do I start with this one.  I suppose we start with that amazing audition on the X-Factor when Bryan shared his talent with NZ and made us all cry.  We down here in Southland have always known he was talented.  So after getting through into boot-camp and making us all proud his journey on X-Factor came to an end.  So while that was the end of the X-Factor story it was not the end of the Bryan Townley Story.  After coming home Bryan decided he wanted put out his own album,  so this is where a new story starts.

When I found out what his plans where I decided he would be the perfect person for my Invercargill Creatives Showcase.  I started this ongoing personal project with Leslea Matsis as I couldn’t believe someone with soo much talent was not well known in Invercargill.   As a creative person it can be really hard to get recognition and exposure.    I  love seeing the creative process unravel in front of me and I feel honored to be able to capture this.  I  really struggle with telling a story with words, so I am going to stop with my poor attempts at writing and I am going to tell you the story of the making of this album through images.    These shots were all taken when Bryan was recording at Studio 49 here in Invercargill another story of a bunch of amazingly talented people that we may have to tell in full another day.


I also had the pleasure of doing the photos for Bryan’s album cover and Posters.  The album cover is still in production but here is a little sneak peek at the shoot we did for the cover 🙂

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